About UnderCoverShelf

Everyone has an Under Cover hideaway. We may hide our money in the cookie jar or our firearms under the mattress, and nobody knows. Surprise! Everybody knows, because we all at some time have hidden valuables in similar places.

We at UnderCoverShelf have created a better hiding place. Our solution for storing firearms, jewelry or other valuables is our locking decorative shelf. Our shelves have a locking lid that is activated with a RFID (radio frequency identification) programmed card. We offer more than 40 designs that will satisfy anyone’s artistic interest.

Our design categories range from Horse Country, Inspirational, Sea Coast, Wild Life, and Urban Trends. These are designs that have proven popular with our customers over the years. If you prefer adding animals or scenery images to the shelf design, our staff artist will customize the shelf or mantel per your request. Customizing your shelf design is our specialty.

Our factory is unparalleled in craftsmanship and expertise. After we receive payment and design approval, the product will ship via UPS in ten working days. We manufacture our products from 1 1/2″ Western Spruce wood that will have occasional knots in the carvings, which add uniqueness to our designs.

UnderCoverShelf is more than a decorative shelf or mantel. It is an ultimate secure storage area, featuring a high tech locking system with an artistic flair, and nobody knows.